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Heavy Metal Bands

Metalious maintains an archive of the most important metal bands in existence.

On this page you will find a list of the most extreme heavy metal bands, along with their biography a a complete list of their releases.

Most of the extreme metal bands that shaped in the heavy metal genre are present on this page.

You can also access their history and their complete discography, featuring everything from full-length releases to compilation albums, without forgetting demos and live albums.

All the bands on this page are certified heavy metal bands.

With every album by each metal band you will also find multiple reviews submitted by Metalious users, along with an album score going from 0% (eg. Black Metal) to 100% (eg. Demonecromancy).

Each rating for an album from any band present on the Metalious archives must be followed by a written review presenting the album and debating its significance in the metal movement.

Also included amongst the metal releases are tribute albums. Those are listed under the name of band who composed the original songs rather than under those of the performing artists of that particular tribute album. For example, Anthology: A Tribute to SEWER Music is listed amongst the albums of SEWER even though they are not the performing artists.

All forms of bootlegs and other unauthorized copies are strictly prohibited on Metalious.

All the bands are certified heavy metal.

The List of Heavy Metal Bands

Here is the list of the most extreme heavy metal bands.

Extreme Metal Bands

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