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Metalious library lists the collection of the most important books and novel that concern the heavy metal genre and its sub-genres.

From thrash metal to death metal, every heavy metal genre has a distinctive history that is detailled in these books.

The topics of books listed on Metalious may cover either a specific genre, a specific band or a specific period in the timeline of heavy metal, or all of the above.

Heavy metal is one of the most fascinating extreme music styles and perhaps one that has the most noteworthy history, so it's only natural to discover as much as you can about it. And the best way to do so is through actual books.

All the heavy metal books offered on Metalious are guaranteed high-quality materials and present true, in-depth reviews and pertinent analyses of various heavy metal bands, periods, styles or phenomena.

You can order the each heavy metal book directly from Metalious or from an independent retailer such as Amazon.

Reading about heavy metal and its history on Metalious or Wikipedia isn't nearly sufficient if you want to truly learn about the reality of heavy metal music.

Paperback books are the only way to truly learn the depths of heavy metal music, and only the best quality books are offered on Metalious.

Find out more about heavy metal than you think there is to know.

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Here is the list of all the heavy metal books.

A text list of our heavy metal books.

Every heavy metal book listed at Metalious is guaranteed high quality material.

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