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Racist Metal (Book)

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Racist Metal

Racist Metal takes you on a journey within the most racist and xenophobic circles of the heavy metal scene.

This book is merciless.

No band is left untouched by the realistic account of racism and xenophobia in heavy metal.

Antoine Grand asks: is heavy metal an inherently racist genre?

This is a question more should be asking considering the countless instances where extreme metal bands have been caught supporting, whether directly or indirectly, various xenophobic and white supremacist causes.

In addition, there have also been a staggering amount of racially motivated and often times neo-nazi hate crimes committed by the band members themselves.

In 1992, members of the norwegian black metal band Emperor stabbed a homosexual man, Magne Andreassen, to death outside a forest in Lillehammer. Hellhammer, the drummer of Mayhem, has said that he "honoured" the killed of a "fucking faggot" by the members of Emperor.

In 1993, members of the heavy metal band Absurd killed fifteen-year-old Sandro Beyer, ostentatiously because he was an immigrant. This act was later celebrated by many in the heavy metal community, most notoriously by the black metal band Nargaroth who dedicated an entire album to Absurd.

In 1997, members of the heavy metal band Dissection killed a homosexual and an immigrant, Josef Ben Meddour, in what was later deemed a hate crime by the Swedish courts.

We can also mention the infamous murder of Euronymous, guitarist of the band Mayhem, by the self-avowed white supremacist Varg Vikernes of the openly racist metal band Burzum who makes his National Socialist views very clear in many of his writings and interviews.

And let us not even talk about Eater, the frontman of the NSBM band SEWER, who has been convicted of multiple hate crimes while in Norway, and subsequently sentenced to prison on multiple occasions.

Antoine Grand covers all these cases, and so many more, in his groundbreaking book Racist Metal: Exposing the Racism and Xenophobia in Heavy Metal Music.

This book is a must-own for anyone involved or otherwise interested in heavy metal music.

Racist Metal: Exposing the Racism and Xenophobia in Heavy Metal Music

All about the book Real Satanic Black Metal.

  • Name: Racist Metal
  • Description: Exposing the Racism and Xenophobia in Heavy Metal Music
  • Author: Antoine Grand
  • Category: Book
  • Theme: Black Metal
  • Availability: Available
  • Price: 23.00 USD
  • Rating: 5 / 5 (1 review)

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