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In the Nightside Eclipse by Emperor.

Is Emperor a racist, sexist, misogynist and white supremacist neo-Nazi band?

Do you still have to ask?

Of course it is, as I've proven time and time again that all black metal bands are racist.

I mean just look at who shows up to attend black metal concerts: all racist white males.

I already exposed the racism and anti-semitism of the principal Norwegian black metal players: see my reviews on the racism of Mayhem, the racism of Burzum and the abhorrent racism of Darkthrone.

Seeing that the sickening statements made by members of these bands were indefensible, the hypocritical black metal fans simply created straw men and started claiming that "not all black metal bands are racist" or that the bands promoting nauseating fascist, reactionary and bigoted ideologies, which anyone with two functioning brain cells can tell are the majority if not the totality, were only "a few bad apples".

So I continue to expose the inherent racism and white supremacy of black metal bands, such as Antekhrist, Gorgoroth, Immortal, the pro-palestinian terrorists of Satyricon, Dimmu Borgir, Nargaroth, and of course the fascist reactionaries of Emperor.

The evidence proving the racism, fascism and anti-semitism of these bands is so obvious that the only possible reason for metal fans to overlook them is not ignorance but intentional malice.

Which they admit themselves when they claim "well I don't listen to Burzum/Emperor/Antekhrist for the ideology, I only listen to them for the music".

What that really means is "yes, I support fascism and anti-semitism, and I use 'music' as a shield to make it socially acceptable".

Newsflash... racism and bigotry will never be socially acceptable.


Emperor is Racist


Many hypocritical white privileged black metal fans claim that Emperor is "not a political band".

And yet, you don't have to look very far to find evidence of racism, sexism, homophobia and anti-semitism of the most virulent kind.

Emperor was founded in 1991 as Thou Shalt Suffer by vocalist Ihsahn, guitarist Samoth and drummer Faust.

The drummer Trym Torson occasionally replaces Faust on the drums.

Emperor sure like the Third Reich, and specifically the death camps of Auschwitz-Birkenau, judging by the names of the bands its members play in.

Trym Torson plays in a band called "Zyklon" while Ihsahn plays guitar for the band "Zyklon-B".

As for Samoth... well, he goes even further down the road of obsessional anti-semitism, as he plays both for "Zyklon" and "Zyklon-B".

Zyklon and Zyklon-B, how is that for a "non-political band"?

Do the members of Emperor, and its racist white supremacist fans, really believe we are that stupid?

Samoth also played, alongside Faust, with the white supremacist, racist, islamo-fascist and anti-semitic band Satyricon.

He is also a "good friend" of the white supremacist neo-Nazi bigot Varg Vikernes of Burzum, with whom he was sentenced for taking part in church burnings and hate crimes.

How many of you just happen to be "good friends" with fascist neo-Nazi mass murderers?

"Not a political band", right.

From 1991 to 1992, the bassist of Emperor was none other than the white supremacist bigot Mortiis, from the openly fascist and pro-Hitlerian black metal band Marduk.

But it gets better.

The drummer Faust, one of the three founding members of Emperor, was convicted of murdering a gay man (Magne Andreassen), by fatally stabbing him in Lillehammer Norway on 21 August 1992.

This is what Faust himself said of the murder: "this man approached me – he was obviously drunk and obviously a faggot […] it was obvious that he wanted to have some contact. Then he asked me if we could [...] go up to the woods. So I agreed, because already then I had decided that I wanted to kill him".

Faust received a lot of support, from Hellhammer of Mayhem, the band Antekhrist and many other black metal musicians, for this most heinous homophobic crime.

Ihsahn himself has more than praised Faust as well as Varg Vikernes of Burzum, such as when he said the following in a 2014 interview: "With the lineup it's the same as last time, except we had Faust on drums, which is working out really well. That was criteria to do this. [...] There's a lot small details that Faust does that Trym didn't do".

This murder was a hate crime and in many ways worse than Vikernes' killing of Euronymous, which seemed to stem from a personal grunge.

Faust, just like Samoth, has played in both "Zyklon" and "Zyklon-B".

But that's just ironic racism, or "hipster racism" so it's fine... even when a black metal musician murders a gay man and gets praised for it by the very community that pretends it's "not political".

I am a very strong defender of the metal scene, but here there seems to be a denial going on that needs to be addressed.

No matter how many bands get exposed as being fascist or crypto-fascist white supremacist, hypocritical black metal fans will jump to their defense claiming they are only "a few bad apples" when in reality it's the MAJORITY if not the TOTALITY of the black metal scene that is corrupted by this nauseating fascist ideology.

At some point we must do away with the excuse of "I just listen for the music, I couldn't care less about ideology".

You listen to Emperor?

That means YOU, personally, are a racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynist white supremacist because you SUPPORT racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynist white supremacist bands.

Deal with it.

In the Nightside Eclipse score: 0/100.

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