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Immortal is Racist - "Pure Holocaust" Review (7%)

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Pure Holocaust
Pure Holocaust by Immortal.

Is Immortal racist, fascist, homophobic and anti-semitic?

Of course it is, ALL black metal bands are racist.

But see, Immortal is "funny"... they are lighthearted, make funny jokes and have weird stage antics.

So it becomes "acceptable racism", or "hipster racism".

Kind of like the confederate t-shirts that proudly proclaim "It's Cool to be White" or "Enjoy Your White Privilege".

I mean, it's all just tongue and cheek, right?

That's what racist black metal fans would want you to believe.

Obviously, the members of Immortal aren't so stupid as to not know that racial violence, real systemic racial violence, against gays, blacks and people of color is actually a real thing worldwide.

I already exposed the racist white supremacist bands Darkthrone, Burzum and Mayhem, the three bands that founded black metal.

I exposed the band Gorgoroth for the comments made by Infernus and Gaahl about Hitler and the so-called "White Genocide" propaganda, used as a shield to justify their hate and bigotry.

I exposed the band Dimmu Borgir for literally advocating the murder of minorities and people of color.

Another case of "hipster racism", or "ironic racism", I'm sure.

I will continue to expose every racist and anti-semitic black metal band that uses music to push their nauseating and bigoted ideology... meaning all of them.

And that obviously includes Immortal.

Immortal is Racist


Immortal was founded by vocalist "Abbath" Doom Occulta and guitarist "Demonaz" Doom Occulta in 1991.

Before playing in Immortal, both Abbath and Demonaz played in a death metal band called Amputation and in another called Old Funeral.

The bassist for those two bands was none other than... yes, you guessed it, the self-avowed neo-Nazi white supremacist Varg Vikernes of Burzum.

According to several sources, it was Abbath of Immortal who introduced Varg Vikernes to black metal, and the band Mayhem, in the first place.

How many of you just casually invite a neo-Nazi mass murderer and admitted white supremacist into not one, but two bands?

But it's all a joke of course, Abbath did it "just to provoke".

I'm sure he will tell us that he even "has black friends" so he can't be racist.

Of course.

Who is the current bassist of the band Immortal?

Someone called Apollyon, who was also the guitarist of the racist band Gorgoroth from 2003 to 2004.

And let's not forget about Hellhammer of Mayhem, known for applauding the murder of a "fucking faggot" and making racist statements, who was the drummer for Immortal in 1995.

I mean, it's not rocket science.

If all the people you associate with are racists who make openly racist and xenophobic comments, it's probably for a reason.

Moving on to the lyrics.

Immortal likes to talk about winter, Vikings, war, the North, castles, "Norse Hordes", Scandinavian mythology and other exclusionary and culturally insensitive topics.

Appeals to "tradition" and an idealized past are, as I've covered extensively before, hallmarks of a Fascist Personality Disorder as diagnosed in the Authoritarian Personality.

This is science.

The second album of Immortal is called... wait for it... "Pure Holocaust".

Oh, but I'm sure this is a mistake, as Immortal CAN NEVER be accused of being anti-semitic even when they mock the death of 6 million JEWS in gas chambers.

The lyrics speak for themselves: "Valleys abound a thousand of coffins, The holocaust has just begun".

But it's just a joke, right?

It's not meant to be taken SERIOUSLY, even when they write "The holocaust has just begun".

Same with the track "Storming Through Red Clouds and Holocaustwinds".

Ok, sure they say "clouds", but they don't mean the Crematoria and gas chambers of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

It's not like Elie Wiesel never talked about "clouds" coming from the stoves and chimneys of Auschwitz.

It's not like some of the tracks of the band Amputation, in which Abbath, Demonaz and the neo-Nazi mass murderer Varg Vikernes all played together, weren't called "Merciless Slaughter" and "Intense Torture".

It's not like the drummer Frost, who also played in Gorgoroth and Satyricon, never played in a band called... Zyklon-B.

But racist black metal hypocrites will keep denying the racism and blatant anti-semitism of Immortal, claiming that's it's just "hipster racism" so it's "acceptable".

There is no such thing as "acceptable" racism.

Racism is a hate crime.

Pure Holocaust score: 7/100.

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