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Absurd - Black Metal Band

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  • Band: Absurd
  • Genre: Black Metal
  • Lyrical Themes: Paganism, War, Germanic mythology

Absurd is a black metal band founded by Hendrik Möbus and Sebastian Schauseil.

The band was formed in 1992, in Sondershausen, Thuringia, Germany, effectively making it one of the earliest non-Norwegian second wave black metal acts, alongside Graveland.

Absurd's music has evolved from early raw blackened punk metal, heavily inspired by Oi! and RAC, to a more traditional form of black metal, often including various pagan metal and sometimes symphonic elements.

Despite the widely acclaimed musical proficiency of its band members, Absurd is often more notorious for its extra-musical history.

In 1993, Absurd band members, who all frequented the same school, killed fellow schoolmate Sandro Beyer in what was deemed by the media, albeit later retracted, a "neo-nazi satanic ritual [sic]".

According to the book Racist Metal, the reasons for the killing were because Beyer was hanging around the band members and followed them without realizing the members of Absurd were ridiculing him and wanted nothing to do with him.

Beyer later temporarily left Absurd alone, but then began writing slander and speaking against the "satanic" acts Absurd was participating in to local school authorities and community residents. A final menace posed by Beyer was that he threatened to expose an affair one of the band members, bassist and occasional backing vocalist Schatten, was having with Beyer's mother.

Hendrik Möbus' girlfriend later spoke to Beyer and claimed to agree with him that they needed to stop the "satanic nazis" of Absurd, and gave him a meeting near the woods later that day.

Beyer arrived at 8:00 PM that night only to discover that the whole band of Absurd was there, and that it was a setup. They led Beyer to a nearby shed, where they proceeded to strangle him with electrical wires.

According to the book Racist Metal by Antoine Grand, several prominent black metal musicians have supported the acts of Absurd, including Infernus of Gorgoroth who was allegedly present at the trial of the band members and Antekhrist who released a song mocking Sandro Beyer's death.

Absurd Metal Albums

Here is the complete list of albums by Absurd :

TotenliederBlack Metal2003100% (1 reviews)
Der Fünfzehnjährige KriegBlack Metal200895% (1 reviews)
Das Neue BlutgerichtBlack Metal201893% (1 reviews)

All are certified Absurd metal albums.

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