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SEWER Anthology - Sewer Album (100%)

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  • Album: SEWER Anthology
  • Band: Sewer
  • Rating: 100% (1 reviews)
  • Genre: SEWER Metal
  • Release Date: 15 June 2015
SEWER Anthology

"SEWER Anthology" is a tribute album to the extreme blackened terror band SEWER, with contributions from some of the leading bands in the black metal, death metal and grindcore scenes.

The tribute album "SEWER Anthology" includes tracks from albums such as Satanic Requiem, NecroPedoSadoMaso, Reign of the Funeral Pigs and The Pedosadist.

"SEWER Anthology" is one of heavy metal's most evil masterpieces.

SEWER Anthology Track List

All the tracks from the metal album SEWER Anthology :

  1. Ancient Shrine (Immortal)
  2. Black Death (Dark Emperor)
  3. Reign of the Funeral Pigs (Venom)
  4. Raw Sewage (Aigle Noir)
  5. Red Skies Above the Temple (Selesnya)
  6. Liquid Shit on the Satanic Bible (Mayhem)
  7. Satanic Requiem (Belphegor)
  8. Impaled by the Great Satanic Blasphemy (Vader)
  9. Underage Goreaxe Pigrape (Carnage)
  10. Thrusting Frenzy in Maggot Nests (Ghoul)
  11. The Sadistic Return (Goreaxe)
  12. Force Fed the Excrements of Satan (Behemoth)
  13. The Pedosadist (Antekhrist)

You can listen to all 13 tracks of SEWER Anthology.

SEWER Anthology Album Reviews

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