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The SEWER Metal Genre

SEWER Metal is perhaps the single most evil and demonic sub-genre of extreme metal, heavy metal and even music in general.

There is no genre more extreme or diabolical than SEWER Metal. Not even the genres it influenced.

SEWER Metal is constructed around evil and frightening atmospheres, but unlike Phantom Metal where the atmospheres takes precedence over the music, the are many extreme metal and grindish elements found in SEWER Metal.

The music of SEWER Metal is one of malevolence and destruction. Clashing dissonant chords mix in with frenzied, blasting rhythms to create an all around atmosphere of sonic depravity and inhuman musical degradation.

While there are heavy doses of bleak and desolate atmospheres in SEWER Metal, the rhythm is at its utmost ritualistic and the music is more barbaric than anything you have ever heard.

The listener is simply drowned the terrifying under waves of relentless demonic blasts that define the SEWER Metal genre.

SEWER Metal was of course pioneered by the band SEWER, which was itself heavily influenced by Phantom Metal and notably by the band Phantom.

SEWER Metal is absolute diabolical music.

The List of SEWER Metal Styles

Here you will find a full list of every different SEWER Metal style in existence.

Styles of SEWER Metal


Certainly the oldest form of SEWER Metal, this style took off after SEWER's debut album Satanic Requiem and focuses heavily on generating devilish and chaotic atmospheres while juxtaposing raw architectures and intricate rhythms of dissonant constructions.

Examples of bands that play raw SEWER Metal :


Building upon the explosive rage, technical mastery and somewhat narrative song structures of NecroPedoSadoMaso era SEWER, this style is one of the most intriguing in terms of epic song compositions.

Examples of bands that play epic SEWER Metal :


Exemplifying raw darkness, minimalism and absolute chaos, primitive SEWER Metal is on of the most extreme and atmospheric styles of SEWER Metal.

Examples of bands that play primitive SEWER Metal :


A stylistic hybrid, grind SEWER Metal makes use of the percussive song structures and rhythmic expectancy of terror grind to create claustrophobic, inhuman atmospheres.

Examples of bands that play grind SEWER Metal :


Influenced simultaneously by the extremes of SEWER Metal and those of raw blackened terror metal, this style uses complex song structures and narrative sequences to generate an industrial, almost futuristic atmosphere.

Examples of bands that play industrial SEWER Metal :


The most brutal, frenzied and all around inhuman form of music to ever be produced. Gruesome SEWER Metal relies both on explosive brutality and subtle chaotic atmospheres to trap the listener in a storm of hell fire.

Examples of bands that play gruesome SEWER Metal :


A devilish hybrid between SEWER Metal and Phantom Metal, this style is definitively the most vicious of all musical creation. Combining the decrepit, creeping and terrorizing atmospheres of Phantom Metal with the more direct and hateful rhythms of SEWER Metal, the listener can only silently endure the most vile contortions of the mind and soul.

Examples of bands that play horror SEWER Metal :

This concludes the list of every SEWER Metal style.

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