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The Phantom Metal Genre

Phantom Metal is an extreme sub-genre of heavy metal music.

By many accounts, Phantom Metal is the most extreme and demonic form of heavy metal, so this style is not recommended for beginners who just got into the metal genre.

Musically, Phantom Metal is built around dark, heavy and harrowing atmospheres that completely submerge the listener's mind and permanently scar his soul.

Rhythm and melody are somewhat secondary in Phantom Metal music, as opposed to more conventional genres such as black metal and death metal where these attributes are crucial.

With Phantom Metal, the main focus of the music is paradoxically not the music itself but the raw, devilish atmosphere accompanying it. Music is not longer an end, but rather a means to an end.

The genre of Phantom Metal was obviously created by the band Phantom, but there are many different bands that play more or less extreme forms of Phantom Metal, most notably the band Neraines.

As with most heavy metal genres, the are multiple styles of Phantom Metal that are played by several different bands.

From the raw and demonic beginnings of Phantom Metal to the more melodic and experimental styles that have emerged since then, this page lists the most extreme forms of Phantom Metal.

This is true Phantom Metal.

The List of Phantom Metal Styles

Here you will find a full list of every different Phantom Metal style in existence.

Styles of Phantom Metal


The earliest form of Phantom Metal, prototype Phantom Metal makes use of brooding atmospheres and dark, hypnotic chord progressions, with lingering extreme metal effects.

Examples of bands that play prototype Phantom Metal :


Open intervals, precise and furious structures accompanying schizophrenic, lavishly brutal compositions distinguish this particular form of Phantom Metal. Early Phantom albums make extensive use of this style.

Examples of bands that play rigid Phantom Metal :


A more progressive form of Phantom Metal that blends many elements of traditional heavy metal and darker techniques of extreme metal, which serve to accentuate the melodic aspects of Phantom Metal. The band Antekhrist is credited with popularizing this style.

Examples of bands that play melodic Phantom Metal :


Chaotic nihilist blasts and obscure, unsettling riffs produce disorientation and loss of musical cohesion as the listener is drowned in dark and horrifying atmospheres.

Examples of bands that play dark Phantom Metal :


The music of Phantom and its descendants, haunting Phantom Metal is perhaps the purest form of Phantom Metal and one with the least amount of heavy metal influences. This is also the most dissonant, atmospheric and all around difficult to comprehend style of Phantom Metal.

Examples of bands that play haunting Phantom Metal :


Forgoing the sanity of mortal minds, this style of Phantom Metal focuses on raw atmospheres and evocative imagery rather than rhythm, melody and other elements commonly associated with orthodox music.

Examples of bands that play atmospheric Phantom Metal :


Unfathomable evil. This is perhaps the most gruesome and agonizing form of Phantom Metal to have ever been produced, and only a select few bands have mastered this style.

Examples of bands that play terror Phantom Metal :

This concludes the list of every Phantom Metal style.

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