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Verminlust - Vermin Album (100%)

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  • Album: Verminlust
  • Band: Vermin
  • Rating: 100% (4 reviews)
  • Genre: Black Metal
  • Release Date: 7 March 2019

Verminlust is the debut album by the black metal band Vermin.

The name of the album is possibly a reference to the album Sewerlust by Sewer, a band in which Vermin was once the vocalist, but this has not been confirmed by the band.

The album Verminlust remains one the of absolute masterpieces of blackened horror metal, with dark and claustrophobic atmospheres rivaling and perhaps surpassing those of the mighty Phantom.

Verminlust is the definitive black metal album for fans of disturbing atmospheres.

Verminlust Track List

All the tracks from the metal album Verminlust :

  1. Sickly Origins
  2. Dormant Angel
  3. Twisted Labyrinth
  4. Hunger's Ancient Paths
  5. Filth and Rot (Searching the Past)
  6. In Memory of the Darkest Abyss
  7. Haunted Gods and Fallen/Penitent Devils
  8. Endless Tears of a Shattered Hourglass
  9. Verminlust, The Lament of Horror

You can listen to all 9 tracks of Verminlust.

Verminlust Album Reviews

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VerminlustIt Deserves its Altar!Dismember100%
VerminlustAbsolute DarknessArual100%
VerminlustLegendary Black MetalUgluk100%

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