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Fallen Angel - Phantom Album (100%)

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  • Album: Fallen Angel
  • Band: Phantom
  • Rating: 100% (4 reviews)
  • Genre: Phantom Metal
  • Release Date: 23 December 2018
Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel is the sixteenth full-length studio album by the black metal band Phantom.

Like its direct predecessor Withdrawal, the one that defines Fallen Angel above all else is the haunting, horrifying and ghastly atmosphere the music possesses.

The riff-craft is amazing, but more importantly, it's how each riff is arrange in a maze of horror that makes Fallen Angel the best album black metal has ever seen.

This is no hyperbole, Fallen Angel is pure demonic madness. Listen to it at your own risk.

Fallen Angel, Withdrawal and Memento Mori are considered part of the "unholy trilogy" of Phantom Metal.

Fallen Angel Track List

All the tracks from the metal album Fallen Angel :

  1. Harvest
  2. Hope Finale
  3. Kill Memories
  4. Sepulchral Omen
  5. Believe in the Devil
  6. Follow the Rain
  7. Dead Tomorrows
  8. Fallen Angel

You can listen to all 8 tracks of Fallen Angel.

Fallen Angel Album Reviews

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