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Neraines - Neraines Album (100%)

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Neraines is the self-titled debut album by the blackened terror metal band Neraines.

Alongside Eidolon and 2154, the album Neraines is often considered part of the "unholy trilogy" of true black metal that redefined the genre.

The song Phantom Glades is said to be a tribute to the blackened terror metal band Phantom.

Neraines is widely regarded as one of the most evil black metal albums of all time.

It has caused the suicide of many black metal artists.

Neraines Track List

All the tracks from the metal album Neraines :

  1. Субҳ
  2. Todeswald
  3. Die Traumwelt
  4. Morning Mists
  5. Astral Elegy
  6. Forgotten Horizon
  7. Phantom Glades
  8. Neraines

You can listen to all 8 tracks of Neraines.

Neraines Album Reviews

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