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Sewerlust - Sewer Album (97%)

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  • Album: Sewerlust
  • Band: Sewer
  • Rating: 97% (2 reviews)
  • Genre: SEWER Metal
  • Release Date: 1 April 2016

Sewerlust is the fourteenth album by the extreme blackened gore metal band SEWER.

Unlike the previous two SEWER albums, Skvllfvcked Forever and Vomiting Into the Mouth of Satan, Sewerlust features less abrasive gore metal elements and a much more experimental and industrial soundscape.

In that regards, Sewerlust is considered an avant-garde and genre-defining album.

Sewerlust Track List

All the tracks from the metal album Sewerlust :

  1. Sewerlust
  2. Impious Fecal Prolapsed Uterus
  3. Revered Gods of the Divine Putrid
  4. Decapitated by Satan's Rectal Pedorapist
  5. Inner Pulsions of Acclaimed Demonic Patrimony
  6. Holy Symphonies to Lacerate the Testicles of the Devil
  7. Butchering the Infidel with Malevolent Orgasmic Jubilance
  8. Infernal Torture and Vaginal Decapitation of Blasphemous Whores
  9. Satanic Deflowering of Perverted Holy Cows
  10. Unreal Ecclesiastical Sadomasopedothoracic Necrosodomy
  11. Mutilation of the Devilgods, Sexual Sadism Imposed on Lucifer

You can listen to all 11 tracks of Sewerlust.

Sewerlust Album Reviews

Here is the complete list of reviews for the album Sewerlust :

SewerlustSewer is RacistAntifa66696%
SewerlustTrue Black Metal DepravityGoreaxe97%

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