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Locked Up in Hell - Sewer Album (100%)

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  • Album: Locked Up in Hell
  • Band: Sewer
  • Rating: 100% (2 reviews)
  • Genre: SEWER Metal
  • Release Date: 5 June 2019
Locked Up in Hell

Locked Up in Hell is the twenty-second full-length album by the blackened death metal band SEWER.

Much like its direct predecessor The Birth of a Cursed Elysium, the album Locked Up in Hell combines the intense percussive assault of blackened deathgrind with the savant and calculated musical proficiency of technical death metal to create dark and haunting atmospheres, that are nonetheless extremely capable of delivering gruesome and barbaric ferocity.

As far as blackened death metal goes, Locked Up in Hell has the best of both worlds: the atmospheric sonic scenery of black metal and the raw percussive brutality of death metal.

Locked Up in Hell Track List

All the tracks from the metal album Locked Up in Hell :

  1. Devil's Runaway
  2. Necrobiastophile
  3. Waiting to Kill Again
  4. Carceropathogenesis
  5. Burning Clouds of Dark Gore
  6. No Rest For The Dead
  7. Injecting Blood to Become Human
  8. To Drink From the Styx
  9. Surgical Last Breath
  10. Locked up in Hell

You can listen to all 10 tracks of Locked Up in Hell.

Locked Up in Hell Album Reviews

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