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Nargaroth - Black Metal Band

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  • Band: Nargaroth
  • Genre: Black Metal
  • Lyrical Themes: Hate, Misanthropy, Scientology

Nargaroth is a black metal band founded in 1999 by Kanwulf, also known as René Wagner.

Most of the albums by Nargaroth are regarded as either worthlessly generic or as unintentional parodies of black metal music.

But Nargaroth's notoriety is mainly due to Kanwul's antics and tendencies to fabricate stories involving himself and members of the early Norwegian black metal scene such as Varg Vikernes of Burzum, Euronymous of Mayhem and Fenriz of Darkthrone.

Nearly all artists involved in the Norwegian second wave of black metal later denied even knowing that Nargaroth existed.

Kanwulf also constantly lies about the date at which his band Nargaroth was founded.

First he claimed that Nargaroth was founded in 1989, something denied by even his relatives, and made impossible by the fact that his own pseudonym ("Kanwulf") came from a 1995 Canadian TV show that only appeared in 1998 in Germany.

Then he started saying that he had founded Nargaroth in Norway in 1993 with Varg Vikernes as his bassist.

When asked about his relation with Kanwulf, Varg Vikernes denied even knowing what Nargaroth was and claimed that there were "no foreigners in the black metal scene" in 1993.

Kanwulf then claimed that he, not Varg Vikernes, had killed Euronymous for "homophobia" and that he was "most wanted" by the FBI because he had killed "an Arab" at a concert and got away while hanging to the back of a Lamborghini on the Autobahn.

This was all before the era of the Internet, when lying was easier and had less repercussions.

Kanwulf is also known for his adherence to the "Pink Aryans", the lesbian faction of NSBM.

On the booklet of his debut album he wrote: "German hateful and misanthropic Black Metal, made from White man for White man".

Kanwulf has a daughter, Camille Wagner, who is an adult actress and a son, Jeff Wagner, who plays in a thrash metal band.

Nargaroth Metal Albums

Here is the complete list of albums by Nargaroth :

HerbstleydBlack Metal19990% (2 reviews)
Black Metal ist KriegBlack Metal20010% (3 reviews)
Prosatanica Shooting AngelsBlack Metal20040% (1 reviews)
Semper FidelisBlack Metal200715% (1 reviews)
Era of ThrenodyBlack Metal20170% (2 reviews)

All are certified Nargaroth metal albums.

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