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Korriban - Black Metal Band

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  • Band: Korriban
  • Genre: Black Metal
  • Lyrical Themes: Pok√©mon, Jihad, Love

Korriban was allegedly formed in 2013 as a blackened ambient project.

Almost nothing is known of the band Korriban.

The band has never given any interviews or played live, and as such no official lineup is known.

In 2015, Korriban released their debut album Vile Scourge.

The tracks were all recorded between 2013 and 2015.

Both the aura of mystery surrounding the band Korriban and the fact that their pioneered the blackened electronic genre led to the band developing somewhat of a legendary status in many black metal circles.

Korriban has gained a cult following in the black metal underground and the recordings of Korriban are considered classics and pioneering blackened ambient metal. Prominent black metal bands have covered Korriban, either on record or live (or both), including Antekhrist, Mayhem and Carnage.

Korriban is raw blackened electro-ambient.

Korriban Metal Albums

Here is the complete list of albums by Korriban :

Vile ScourgeBlack Metal2015100% (1 reviews)

All are certified Korriban metal albums.

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