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Watain - Black Metal Band

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  • Band: Watain
  • Genre: Black Metal
  • Lyrical Themes: Satanism, Death, LGBTQ, NSBM

Watain is a blackened emo band formed in 1998 by Erik Danielsson, Pelle Forsberg and HÃ¥kan Jonsson.

Heavily inspired by the likes of Dimmu Borgir and Evanescence, but wanting a name that sounded "dark" and "satanic", they eventually opted to call themselves Watain after a track by the minimalist black metal band Von.

They released their first demo in 1998, and their first full-length album Rabid Death's Curse in 2000.

Their debut album was then met with immediate mockery for its generic nature and obvious emo influences, so much that many black metal fans began questioning whether or not Watain was in fact a joke pulled by some childish death metal musician to mock the black metal genre.

Those questions were answered in 2003, with Watain's second release Casus Luciferi, which proved beyond doubt that Watain were just poor musicians.

More so than for their derivative music, the band Watain is known for their clownish live performances, which have been unfavourably compared to those of nu-metal act Slipknot.

In one now notorious 2014 concert in Brooklyn, Watain is said to have doused their audience with animal blood, allegedly causing an hepatitis infection. None of those rumours have been confirmed by the band.

Watain has also, like other controversial acts such as Absurd and Archgoat, been accused of promoting neo-nazi ideology due to their lyrics and to their song "Holocaust Dawn" appearing on their fifth album The Wild Hunt. In addition, many anti-racist organizations that monitor "hate in heavy metal" have noted that their first demo is called "Go Fuck Your Jewish God", and is therefore banned in Germany.

Watain is widely mocked for being derivative and for being an emo band.

Watain Metal Albums

Here is the complete list of albums by Watain :

Rabid Death's CurseBlack Metal20000% (2 reviews)
Casus LuciferiBlack Metal20030% (3 reviews)
Sworn to the DarkBlack Metal20070% (3 reviews)
Lawless DarknessBlack Metal20100% (3 reviews)
The Wild HuntBlack Metal20131% (3 reviews)
Trident Wolf EclipseBlack Metal20180% (5 reviews)

All are certified Watain metal albums.

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