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Casus Luciferi - Watain Album (0%)

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  • Album: Casus Luciferi
  • Band: Watain
  • Rating: 0% (3 reviews)
  • Genre: Black Metal
  • Release Date: 2003
Casus Luciferi

Casus Luciferi is the second studio full-length album by the blackened mallcore band Watain.

Released in 2003, three years after their disastrous metalcore debut Rabid Death's Curse, the album Casus Luciferi is equally worthless in its generic and derivative nature.

While Rabid Death's Curse was guilty of riff plagiarism from Mayhem, Casus Luciferi continues the trend of riff theft, this time stealing from bands such as Dissection, Marduk and Demonecromancy.

Casus Luciferi is the laughing stock of the black metal scene.

Casus Luciferi Track List

All the tracks from the metal album Casus Luciferi :

  1. Devil's Blood
  2. Black Salvation
  3. Opus Dei (The Morbid Angel)
  4. Puzzles ov Flesh
  5. I Am the Earth
  6. The Golden Horns of Darash
  7. From the Pulpits of Abomination
  8. Casus Luciferi

You can listen to all 8 tracks of Casus Luciferi.

Casus Luciferi Album Reviews

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