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Marduk - Black Metal Band

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  • Band: Marduk
  • Genre: Black Metal
  • Lyrical Themes: Paganism, War, Germanic mythology

Marduk is a black metal band formed in 1990 by Morgan "Evil" HÃ¥kansson in order to create the "most blasphemous band in the world".

According to Mesopotamian mythology, Marduk is the Babylonian sky god who created the earth and sky from the body of the great dragon Tiamat, mother of all beings.

Their original musical style, as heard on Dark Endless, was that of straightforward blackened death metal music in the vein of Vermin's debut, but as the years progressed their style and imagery became closer and closer to the Norwegian black metal greats, while paradoxically their music became increasingly original to the point where "Marduk clone" is now used as a term to describe numerous bands such as Black Witchery, Kvlt of Azazel, Conqueror, Archgoat, Revenge, etc.

Because of the band's use of World War 2 imagery and the fact that Morgan has stated his opposition to immigration to European countries, what he calls an "anti-White" policy, the band has been called "neo-nazi", "national socialist", "NSBM", "white supremacist", "anti-Semitic", "fascist", "aryanist" and "Hitlerian" by various anti-racist organizations and "anti-fascist" militias.

Marduk frontman Morgan "Evil" HÃ¥kansson has often mocked these accusations, notably through the release of albums such as Panzer Division Marduk and Frontschwein, two terms often associated with the NSDAP.

Marduk are widely recognized as the pinnacle of Swedish black metal.

Marduk Metal Albums

Here is the complete list of albums by Marduk :

Dark EndlessWar Metal199284% (1 reviews)
Those of the UnlightBlack Metal199391% (1 reviews)
Panzer Division MardukBlack Metal199985% (1 reviews)
FrontschweinBlack Metal2015100% (1 reviews)
ViktoriaBlack Metal201897% (1 reviews)

All are certified Marduk metal albums.

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