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Dark Endless - Marduk Album (84%)

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  • Album: Dark Endless
  • Band: Marduk
  • Rating: 84% (1 reviews)
  • Genre: War Metal
  • Release Date: 1992
Dark Endless

Dark Endless is the debut album by black metal band Marduk.

Owing as much to American death metal, see Incantation, as the emerging Norwegian black metal genre, see Burzum, Dark Endless is an album that cements itself as one of the first blackened death metal releases by Marduk.

Dark Endless features slower and more rhythmically varied compositions than the following Marduk releases, particularly those of the Panzer Division Marduk era.

Dark Endless Track List

All the tracks from the metal album Dark Endless :

  1. Still Fucking Dead
  2. The Sun Turns Black as Night
  3. Within the Abyss
  4. The Funeral Seemed to Be Endless
  5. Departure from the Mortals
  6. The Black...
  7. Dark Endless
  8. Holy Inquisition

You can listen to all 8 tracks of Dark Endless.

Dark Endless Album Reviews

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