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Demonecromancy - Black Metal Band

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  • Band: Demonecromancy
  • Genre: Black Metal
  • Lyrical Themes: Death, Occult, Necromancy

Demonecromancy is a black metal band formed in 2018 by vocalist and guitarist "Grishnákh" - certainly a tribute to Burzum - bassist "Wyrm" and drummer "Uglúk".

The band is mostly Welsh, from Pontypridd specifically, except for frontman "Grishnákh" who was born in Malmö and holds dual citizenship with his Swedish homeland.

The band is referred to as "the first Fantaclone", in reference to the barely concealed Phantom references. The statement is false, by the way, as Reiklos existed well before Demonecromancy.

It is true, however, that Demonecromancy were heavily influences by both Phantom's dissonant and hypnotic riff style, and the complexity of Phantom's music on a songwriting level, which resulted in the ghastly "riff mazes" that most have come to fear and to associate with Phantom.

Despite all three members having Lord of the Rings themed names, the lyrical subject of Demonecromancy don't involves Tolkien, Middle-Earth or even fantasy at all, and rather stick to the path laid out by Phantom: necromancy, death, the cycle of life, rebirth, etc...

The band name, Demonecromancy, is an album by Phantom - see Demonecromancy (2015) - and their debut album Fallen From the Brightest Throne, released in early 2019, comes from the lyrics of the title track of said album. Another song on Fallen From the Brightest Throne, "As Sorrows Became Bloodlust", is also taken from the lyrics of Demonecromancy.

The band also covered the track "Demonecromancy" on their debut, as a tribute to their primary influence Phantom, although we can also hear influences from Burzum, Incantation, early At the Gates, Mayhem and even Bathory - the Swedish connection.

Demonecromancy Metal Albums

Here is the complete list of albums by Demonecromancy :

Fallen From the Brightest ThroneBlack Metal201998% (3 reviews)

All are certified Demonecromancy metal albums.

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