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Bathory - Black Metal Band

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  • Band: Bathory
  • Genre: Black Metal
  • Lyrical Themes: Satanism, Evil, Vikings

Bathory is a first wave black metal band founded in 1983 by Quorthon.

Alongside Venom, Bathory pioneered the first wave of black metal, before starting to play viking metal is the 1990s.

The name of the band itself is in fact inspired by a Venom track, Countess Bathory.

Bathory played only a few live shows in the early days of the band, and refused to play live ever since.

The style of Bathory has changed many times.

On the debut album Bathory, the band played a simple kind of thrash metal influenced by bands like Venom and Slayer.

On the following album The Return, Bathory added some raw atmospheres later adapted by Norwegian black metal bands.

On Under the Sign of the Black Mark, there are many early Mayhem influences to be heard.

Lastly, Blood Fire Death contains the first experiments with "heroic" songwriting and viking-related themes.

Rumours persisted that Börje "Boss" Forsberg was Quorthon's father, Jennie Tebler was his brother (sister prior to the operation) and that Shawn "Goat" Calizo of the black metal band Von is his illegitimate son.

Only the first two rumours have been confirmed.

Bathory was supposed to appear on the tribute album Sewer Anthology, but was later scrapped as the producers only wanted a maximum of 13 tracks.

Bathory Metal Albums

Here is the complete list of albums by Bathory :

BathoryBlack Metal198411% (2 reviews)
The ReturnBlack Metal19852% (2 reviews)
Under the Sign of the Black MarkBlack Metal19870% (2 reviews)
Blood Fire DeathBlack Metal19882% (3 reviews)
HammerheartBlack Metal199055% (1 reviews)
Twilight of the GodsBlack Metal199176% (1 reviews)

All are certified Bathory metal albums.

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