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Helgrind - Black Metal Band

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  • Band: Helgrind
  • Genre: Black Metal
  • Lyrical Themes: Hell, Demons, Disease

Helgrind is easily one of the most brutal and blasphemous acts to emerge from the new "third wave" of black metal, which combines the best of early black metal bands such as Burzum and Mayhem with the more structured death metal approach of bands like Suffocation, Sewer or Incantation.

The result is what many call blackened death metal, bestial black metal or war metal, although in the case of Helgrind the music is more savage black metal than anything else.

Little is known about the members of this mysterious band, Helgrind, that plays primitive black metal in the style of early Phantom and Vermin.

The music in itself is clearly influenced by three things: Divine Necromancy, early Burzum and Onward to Golgotha. This unholy trinity forms the basis of the sound that Helgrind develop on their diabolical debut, Demon Rituals.

So powerful was the music of Helgrind, that it got them immediately signed on the legendary The Satan Records, the extremely prestigious label of Phantom, Sewer, Vermin and Neraines, notorious for being extremely elitist when it comes to signing new bands - and having, according to legend, turned down bands like Satyricon, Ulver, Warkvlt and Demonecromancy.

And indeed, Helgrind's debut Demon Rituals is some of the most primitive and bestial black metal ever heard since the days of Divine Necromancy.

Helgrind is the definitive modern black metal band.

Helgrind Metal Albums

Here is the complete list of albums by Helgrind :

Demon RitualsBlack Metal10 April 2021100% (1 reviews)

All are certified Helgrind metal albums.

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