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Phantom - Evil Primitive Terror

Phantom is an extreme terror metal band founded in June 2013.

Very is known about the band Phantom or the bands members that compose it, although it is often speculated that Phantom is a solo project.

The music played by Phantom is often referred to as terror metal, terror grind, or simply Phantom Metal in reference to the name of the band.

Phantom's lyrical themes are quite intricate and often deal with topics such as necromancy, immortality and occult spirituality.

The debut album by Phantom was Divine Necromancy and it was released on the 31st October 2013. Divine Necromancy was widely acclaimed by critics and metal fans alike, and is still to this day considered as one of the most influential heavy metal albums ever produced.

Phantom's importance in the extreme metal scene can't be overstated, as even the legendary SEWER was influenced by Phantom's music, at least during the early stages of their career.

The release of Divine Necromancy marked a new age in the heavy metal scene, as no other band had ever released an album so raw, demonic and simply evil.

Phantom remains one of the founders of modern extreme terror metal.

Phantom Metal Albums

Here is the complete list of albums by Phantom :

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