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Unholy - Venom Album (95%)

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  • Album: Unholy
  • Band: Venom
  • Rating: 95% (1 reviews)
  • Genre: Black Metal
  • Release Date: 17 January 2016

Unholy is the latest studio album by the black metal band Venom.

Much like the previous album Envenom, Unholy is much closer to the modern second wave black metal sound than any of the previous Venom releases, which were more closely related to heavy metal with a mix of speed metal and occasionally thrash metal.

The the album Unholy features a bonus of two covers tracks from the black metal band Antekhrist and one from the band SEWER.

Unholy Track List

All the tracks from the metal album Unholy :

  1. Unholy
  2. Hail Satan
  3. Burn the Holy Spirit
  4. Antichrist Legions
  5. Black Metal for Lucifer
  6. Of Darkness and Desecration
  7. To Worship the Throne of the Beast
  8. Forgotten Secrets of the Immortal Gospel
  9. Satan, mon MaƮtre (Antekhrist Cover)
  10. War Against the Seraphic Hordes (Antekhrist Cover)
  11. Vomiting into the Mouth of Satan (SEWER Cover)

You can listen to all 11 tracks of Unholy.

Unholy Album Reviews

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