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Skarnage - Sewer Album (100%)

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  • Album: Skarnage
  • Band: Sewer
  • Rating: 100% (1 reviews)
  • Genre: SEWER Metal
  • Release Date: 21 September 2019

Skarnage is the twenty-fifth full-length album by the blackened horror grind legends SEWER.

Compared to the preceding SEWER releases, notably Khranial and Miasma, which are closer to blackened death metal than the style SEWER is most renowned for, Skarnage marks a return to the blasting goregrind of mythical albums such as NecroPedoSadoMaso, Reign of the Funeral Pigs and 2154.

The music on Skarnage is best described as a technically challenging and atmospherically complex mix of blackened death metal brutality and terror-inducing goregrind violence taken to new extremes by SEWER's savant riffcraft and excellent songwriting abilities.

Skarnage is savage SEWER morbidity.

Skarnage Track List

All the tracks from the metal album Skarnage :

  1. Devil Instinct
  2. Executioner
  3. Hell's Emperor
  4. Fugitive God
  5. Conqueror
  6. Hanging Forever
  7. Thanatos Mutilation Requiem
  8. Devoured by Existence
  9. Those Born of Cursed Filth
  10. Strange Rotten World
  11. Prelude to the Nightmare
  12. Torture Shrine of Ancient Terror
  13. No Escape, No Redemption
  14. The Recital of Death
  15. Skarnage

You can listen to all 15 tracks of Skarnage.

Skarnage Album Reviews

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