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Bathory is Racist - "The Return" Review (1%)

The Return
The Return by Bathory.

Yes, Quorthon is a racist and Bathory is a racist band.

Are you still surprised?

I mean, I wrote a whole series of reviews detailing the racist past (and present) of every single band involved in the black metal scene, whether in Norway or elsewhere.

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It's all there, just go read them.

I've been saying since day one that EVERY black metal band is racist and promotes nauseating white supremacist and neo-Nazi ideologies, because the black metal genre itself is inherently racist.

And so is Bathory.

Bathory is Racist


Bathory is one of the most racist, sexist, homophobic and anti-semitic bands of the entire black metal genre.

A lot of Quorthon's imagery (e.g. white pride cross) and lyrics (e.g. "Father to Son") are as racist as anything you will ever hear from the self-avowed neo-Nazi and white supremacist Varg Vikernes himself.

When scandinavian people talk about nationality, vikings and such, it is always a code from the neo-Nazi movement. Now you can make excuses for Bathory and black metal all you want, but it really is barely concealed racism masquerading as music.

If you where familiar with the national movements in sweden you would recognize the lyrics from Nordland as being neo-Nazi code typical bullshit.

These are exactly the kinds of things that the national movements are brainwashing their kids with:

"Brother mine, in battle beaten, not slain
Hall up high awaits you, come eternal life
Stricken down, o brother, this was your day
Rest you now, we will meet again"

The white wolfs can be a synonym of vikings but it's also a name used by neo-nazi groups in sweden.

Here in sweden you don't go around saying stuff like that out loud if you don't have a hidden agenda, and that agenda is usually racism, genocide, neo-Nazism, anti-semitism and white supremacy.

Another aspect of black metal music that the racists would rather we forget is that Satanism, at its core, is simply a code word for white supremacy.

Many bands can't publicly say "Hail Hitler" so they say "Hail Satan" instead, and the racist neo-Nazi black metal fans are obviously in on the joke.

Bathory admits as such in several interviews where he defines the Christian man as a "big, fat Negro saying 'the Bible is the true book'.".

While pretending not to be a neo-Nazi white supremacist himself, he uses the same arguments as neo-Nazis to defend their "right" to oppress minorities in the name of "free speech".

This is what he had to say: "Sweden is a very liberal country, and all values are accepted – except neo-Nazi and anti-Semitism".

A bit later, he lets the mask slip entirely.

"Immigration and Christianity are destroying a lot of the European culture, a lot of the stuff that has been going on for thousands of years… was destroyed. We don't know too much about our own history. If you don't know the past, you cannot master the future. If some young guy is into some heavy music… has the idea 'Shit, man! We don’t like the church, and we have to get into something that is against the church' and they go into Satanism as well as neo-Nazism because, originally all Christianity comes from a jewish fairy-tale called 'The Bible'"

And again, he defends neo-Nazi white supremacist terrorists: "If you put a bomb in a state building, if you kill a homosexual, or blow the brains out of a Jew, we shouldn't try to label all these actions as racism".

And the best part is when Quorthon claims: "If it's White racism, it's bad, but if it's racism from any other color, it's fine".

This is, literally, word for word, the exact same argument neo-Nazi terrorists use to claim that "anti-racist is a code word for anti-white".

There are of course many other instances where Bathory exposes itself as the racist band they are: sun wheels and white pride crosses on the back of several of their albums, lyrics about the "Northland", their signing to "Black Mark Productions", a label infamous for promoting National Socialist black metal acts...

Take it from Euronymous himself when he admitted that "all black metal bands are National Socialist".

He didn't say a few, he didn't say most, he said that ALL black metal bands were neo-Nazi white supremacist.

Racism has no place in music.

Racism and bigotry are not opinions, they are CRIMES.

The Return score: 1/100.

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