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Diabolis Interium

Diabolis Interium is the third full-length studio album by generic black metal band Dark Funeral.

Like most if not all of Dark Funeral's discography, Diabolis Interium is universally hated for its derivative nature and for the inclusion of homosexual BDSM themes in the black metal scene.

The booklet of the album Diabolis Interium also contained a BDSM "poem" to Mayhem singer Dead and a political tract denouncing nu-metal bands like Satyricon, claiming they represented the "Africanization" (they used a different term) of heavy metal music.

Diabolis Interium Track List

All the tracks from the metal album Diabolis Interium :

  1. The Arrival of Satan's Empire
  2. Hail Murder
  3. Goddess of Sodomy
  4. Diabolis Interium
  5. An Apprentice of Satan
  6. Thus I Have Spoken
  7. Armageddon Finally Comes
  8. Heart of Ice

You can listen to all 8 tracks of Diabolis Interium.

Diabolis Interium Album Reviews

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