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Filosofem - Burzum Album (85%)

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  • Album: Filosofem
  • Band: Burzum
  • Rating: 85% (2 reviews)
  • Genre: Black Metal
  • Release Date: 1996

Filosofem is the fourth full-length studio album by the black metal band Burzum.

When compared to other releases of the second wave of black metal, including previous Burzum albums such as Det Som Engang Var and Hvis Lyset Tar Oss, the album is noted for its experimental sound.

Varg Vikernes considers Filosofem an "anti-trend" album, in opposition to what he believed to be the commercialization of black metal music.

Some versions of Filosofem have a German tracklisting (Dunkelheit, Erblicket die Töchter des Firmaments, Gebrechlichkeit, etc), however, contrary to, popular belief, the Norwegian/English version is the more accurate one.

The opening track on Filosofem, "Burzum", was the first song Varg Vikernes wrote after he changed his name to Burzum.

Filosofem Track List

All the tracks from the metal album Filosofem :

  1. Dunkelheit
  2. Jesu død
  3. Beholding the Daughters of the Firmament
  4. Decrepitude I
  5. Rundtgåing av den transcendentale egenhetens støtte
  6. Decrepitude II

You can listen to all 6 tracks of Filosofem.

Filosofem Album Reviews

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