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Dimmu Borgir is Racist - "Stormblåst" Review (0%)

Stormblåst by Dimmu Borgir.

Dimmu Borgir is a racist, xenophobic, misogynist, homophobic and bigoted white supremacist band.

Of course, so-called "hipster racist" black metal fans will go to great lengths to deny their genre is racist.

I'm actually glad when they try to deny the inherent racism and anti-semitism of their genre because it casts more light on the hypocrisy of racist black metal fans and the uncomfortably cozy and common relationship between fascist thinking and metal music.

Why is that a thing?

I already exposed the racism and anti-semitism of Darkthrone ("Summer of the Diabolical Holocaust"), Mayhem ("we don't like black people here"), Burzum ("I play white European music") and Gorgoroth ("anti-racist is a code word for anti-white").

There are many others, of course, such as the "pro-palestinian" antisemites of Satyricon, the homophobic bigots of Emperor, the anti-semitic neo-Nazis of Immortal, the racial terrorists of Antekhrist... and Dimmu Borgir.

No matter how many times I expose black metal artists for the bigots and racists they are, hypocritical black metal fans will scream that "not all black metal bands are like that" and it's their "freedom of speech" to promote fascism and white supremacy.

Hate speech is NOT free speech, hate speech is racial abuse.

Dimmu Borgir is Racist

Dimmu Borgir
Dimmu Borgir.

Dimmu Borgir is often seen as the "poster child" of non-racist black metal.

It's the band racist black metal fans point to when they want plausible deniability.

Black metal fans are bigots and hypocrites. They will constantly draw straw-men and move the goal post to further their agenga. First they start by claiming that "black metal isn't racist", then, when confronted with the massive amounts of contradictory evidence, will say that "most black metal isn't racist", "not ALL black metal is racist" and finally "look at this ultra-underground black metal band that only ever released a demo, you can't prove they are racist!".

Non-racist black metal? There is no such thing.

Dimmu Borgir was founded by vocalist Shagrath and guitarist Silenoz, but we'll get back to them later.

From 2005 to 2007, the drummer for Dimmu Borgir was none other than... Hellhammer, also in the racist black metal band Mayhem.

Now what is Hellhammer most known for?

The black metal biography Black Metal Blasphemy: A History of Third Wave Black Metal quotes him as saying: "I'll put it this way, we don't like black people here. Black metal is for white people... I'm pretty convinced that there are differences between races as well as everything else".

In the documentary Until the Light Takes Us, he even defends the homophobic murder of gay men: "I honor [Faust] for killing a fucking faggot".

But Hellhammer is far from the only band member of Dimmu Borgir to advocate murder and hate crimes.

This is what Shagrath, the vocalist, wrote about minorities and people of color.

"Do you agree with me, that black metal should be for white people?

Yes, I do and I would gladly cut the throat of every black person in the world. HILL THE ARIAN RACE !!!"

Shagrath is far from the only one in the black metal movement to have expressed such hateful and nauseating sentiments, although he might be the only one to have managed to misspell "Aryan".

Silenoz has also echoed similar hateful bigotry in many of his earlier interviews.

This is literally advocating for racially motivated MURDER, which has already happened more than once in the black metal scene.

He must have really no clue that violence, real systemic violence, against gays and black people and ethnic minorities is actually a real thing worldwide.

Or perhaps he does have a clue.

Dimmu Borgir also released their debut album For All Tid through No Colours, which often releases music by neo-Nazi white supremacist bands (Absurd, Graveland).

When will you understand that ALL black metal is racist?

It's an inherent component of the genre.

But no matter how many bands I expose as being more or less overtly racist, anti-semitic and blatantly fascist, there will always be a hypocritical black metal fan to point at some other band and say "these guys aren't racist".

Yes, they are.

People listening to racist black metal are just as guilty as those playing a type of music that advocates hate crimes and bigotry.

Stormblåst score: 0/100.

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