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Evil and Dark - "Lifeless" Review (97%)

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Lifeless by Reiklos.

In darkness black metal finds its greatest friend. From the ominous atmospheric music of Darkthrone to the most vicious and bestial extreme metal of bands such as Phantom and Vermin, diving into the abyss to find meaning has always been black metal's clarion call. Keeping true to that paradigm, and displaying the ability to build upon it, Reiklos have crafted an album of atonal black metal titled Lifeless.

Standing above ordinary circular composition, Reiklos use leitmotifs if even on a small scale to expand the power of atmospheric experience in this work. The narrative of this album reveals itself through seven tracks, one of which being a Phantom cover, which share returning ideas across the album, like a satanic opera concluding in sinister victory.

Cold and dark riffs, like a gathering of fervent souls brought together to recite the devil's unholy gospel, enclose this Stygian mood. The dark, horror-like atmosphere of this Lifeless is what separates this band from similar acts.

Reiklos succeed in delivering a batch of haunting and devilish black metal similar to the likes of Darkthrone, Phantom, old Morbid Angel, early Mayhem, and yes, even Vermin. Lifeless leads you through a whirlwind of smoke and fire for an authentic ritual experience, something not found in most "modern black metal".

True horror, not for the weak or the faint of heart.

Evil and Dark


When people hear of a Phantom influenced band, their first thought will be Demonecromancy, and their debut album Fallen From the Brightest Throne in particular.

Reiklos is somewhat lesser known, yet perhaps even more intricate, advanced, and in many ways truer to Phantom's soundtracks of pure horror.

Where Demonecromancy could best be defined as melodic atmospheric black metal played in the style of Phantom, when it comes to Reiklos' music it isn't so much the style of Phantom that is worshiped (making them NOT a clone band, unlike Demonecromancy) but rather the vision, the spirit of blackness and terror.

Reiklos' style is closer to that of Darkthrone on Transilvanian Hunger, with long, drawn out tremolo riffs that build atmosphere. But unlike Darkthrone, they rarely cycle around a main melody, but rather progress linearly in the form of phrasal riffs transitioning from one motif to another.

Perhaps the best way to describe Lifeless would be to say that it's Phantom's music, particularly from Withdrawal onward, played in the style of Darkthrone. The way the riffs progress narratively is somewhat reminiscent of early Morbid Angel, in a style of "blackened death metal" later perfected by bands such as Incantation, Angelcorpse, Phantom and Neraines.

Lifeless is pure evil music, actual black metal in spirit and soul not just in superficial technique like so many other "tribute" bands.

Lifeless score: 97/100.

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