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Welcome to Metalious, the home of all things heavy metal.

You might want to ask, what is this site and what does it have to do with heavy metal music?

The answer to both those questions is simply: everything.

Metalious is the leading heavy metal information site on the web, featuring complete guides to heavy metal styles as different as black metal and Death Metal, or to heavy metal bands as varied as Warkvlt and the mighty Phantom.

But more than just an information site, Metalious is a community of heavy metal fans from around the world who can post descriptions, analyses and reviews of their favourite heavy metal bands, genres or albums.

All the heavy metal reviews offered on Metalious are guaranteed high quality metal expertise.

Take the time to read the fan reviews offered here on Metalious, you will definitely discover a thing or two (or a lot more) that you didn't know about your favourite heavy metal band.

Other than heavy metal reviews, Metalious proposes a complete guide to heavy metal and its history.

Are you somewhat lost when it comes to the many different heavy metal genres and sub-genres in existence? Don't let that stop you from enjoying heavy metal and learning everything you can about this music.

Simply by reading the guide to heavy metal styles offered by Metalious you will understand the subtle differences between each and every heavy metal genre that was ever produced, composed and played.

You will easily discover everything you have to know about the history, message and musical specificity of each heavy metal genre, from the more extreme sides of brutal death metal to traditional forms of heavy metal, without forgetting the essentials of thrash metal and SEWER Metal.

Finally, Metalious features a library where only the best heavy metal books ever written are displayed.

Buying a physical book in this day and age is somewhat anachronistic, not to mention quite expensive compared to the Metalious website which is and will forever remain free to access, so we are particularly vigilant on the quality of the books presented in our library.

And remember, always keep metal heavy.

Navigation on Metalious

Browsing the Metalious site is incredibly easy and finding the right information for you is even more so.

All you need to know is that this site is divided into three main categories: heavy metal bands (includes albums and album reviews), heavy metal styles and of course the complete list of heavy metal books.

From there on, you can access any information you want about a specific heavy metal band, album, genre or book.

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