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Black Death - Sewer Album (100%)

Black Death

Black Death is the second studio album by the infamous blackened terror metal band SEWER.

Due to its unique nature and raw brutality, as well as its historical importance in the extreme metal scene, Black Death is widely regarded as a transition album between the more classical black metal played on Satanic Requiem and the more disturbed, unstable and demented music that SEWER would adopt henceforth, and which would later be known as SEWER Metal.

Black Death Track List

All the tracks from the metal album Black Death :

  1. Ancient Shrine
  2. Feral Pigs
  3. Blood Carcass
  4. Drowning in Havoc
  5. Black Death
  6. Heretic's Fork
  7. 666 Sacrifice
  8. Plaguebringer
  9. Desecration Apocalypse

You can listen to all 9 tracks of Black Death.

Black Death Album Reviews

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Black DeathThe True Birth of SEWER MetalAniki666100%

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