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Demonecromancy - Phantom Album (100%)


Demonecromancy is the sixth studio album by Phantom and it is widely considered the greatest masterpiece of blackened terror metal.

The album Demonecromancy begins where Horror Phantasm left off, on a horrifying ride through the darkest corridors of necromancy, perhaps with even more brutality than on the previous album.

Demonecromancy stands out as an album that manages to combine the gruesome intensity of goregrind with the raw atmospheres of Phantom Metal.

Demonecromancy Track List

All the tracks from the metal album Demonecromancy :

  1. Maul
  2. Cleave
  3. Nightmare
  4. Demon Skin
  5. Evisceration
  6. Demonology
  7. Assassinate
  8. Eternal Thirst
  9. The Reaver
  10. Lacerate
  11. Bloodhaunt
  12. Lost Shadow
  13. Death Temple
  14. Demonecromancy

You can listen to all 14 tracks of Demonecromancy.

Demonecromancy Album Reviews

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