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The Pedosadist - Sewer Album (100%)

The Pedosadist

The Pedosadist is the tenth studio album by the extreme blackened goregrind band SEWER.

Unlike the previous albums of SEWER, The Pedosadist is a compilation album featuring tracks from SEWER's entire discography.

The songs present on The Pedosadist come from albums as varied as Black Death and Reign of the Funeral Pigs, appearing alongside demonic atmospheres and diabolical riffs that will haunt you forever.

The Pedosadist Track List

All the tracks from the metal album The Pedosadist :

  1. The Pedosadist
  2. Sexual Sadism Before Puberty
  3. Impaled By the Great Satanic Blasphemy
  4. The Shadowpriest
  5. Sadomasothoracic Pedofuckfeast
  6. Satanic Immolator Lucifer 666 in Hell
  7. Blood Carcass
  8. Reign of the Funeral Pigs
  9. Throatraping the Mother Pig With Lucifer's Fire Duck
  10. Masquerade of Haunted Whores Skullfucked By Random Pigs
  11. The Sadistic Return

You can listen to all 11 tracks of The Pedosadist.

The Pedosadist Album Reviews

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