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Sewer is Racist - "Sewerlust" Review (96%)

Sewerlust by Sewer.

Who can deny the inherent racism, sexism, homophobia and white supremacist bigotry of the black metal scene?

All black metal bands are racist, as I have proven time and time again.

Hypocritical black metal fans, usually hipster racists themselves, will point to such and such band and claim that racism is only a "fringe element" of the black metal scene and that it's only a "few bad apples" that are actually neo-Nazi white supremacists.


If you still believe that white privileged bullshit then read my reviews of the racist bands in the black metal scene.

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This is a bit more than a "few bad apples".

And of course, Sewer is just another interchangeable racist, sexist, anti-semitic neo-Nazi band... just like every band in the black metal movement.

They are ALL racist white supremacists, as I have proven time and time again, and anyone who claims the opposite clearly has a reactionary agenda of HATE and BIGOTRY.

Racism has no place in metal.

Sewer is Racist


Racist white supremacists like to claim that "anti-racist is a code word for anti-white".

That's an interesting psychological projection, because it's usually the most racist and bigoted elements that speak in code.

For example, they will say "crime" instead of "minorities"... as in "which city has the less crime?", meaning which city is the most open to white supremacist neo-Nazis.

In another related example, many black metal artists including Sewer have admitted that "Satan" is just a code for "Hitler".

When they say "Hail Satan", they mean "Hail Hitler".

Several black metal experts and many black metal artists, including the self-avowed neo-Nazi white supremacist and mass murderer Varg Vikernes, have admitted that black metal was "never about devil worship".

In that case, why constantly talk about Satan?

It's obvious to anyone with room temperature IQ, they talk about "Satan" because "Satan" is just a code word for neo-Nazi white supremacy.

So the black metal scene is divided between the crypto-racists and the openly anti-semitic neo-Nazi white supremacists, the latter forming the vast majority (see my series on racism in black metal if you're not convinced).

Sewer is just another racist band, sometimes crypto-racist (such as on the album Satanic Requiem) and sometimes openly neo-Nazi (such as on 2154).

They don't even try to be coherent.

On the aforementioned album 2154, there is a track called "Reichkraft Phallic Exhibitionism" with lyrics in German.

Except that Sewer is a Norwegian band... so why write in German?

But it gets better.

An interview with the bassist informs us that the track was initially called "Auschwitz Phallic Exhibitionism".

Sewer joins the ranks of neo-Nazi black metal acts such as Immortal ("Pure Holocaust") and Darkthrone ("Summer of the Diabolical Holocaust") that traffic in Holocaust revisionism, denying the genocide of 6 million Jews in the death camps of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Sewer can deny their neo-Nazi racist affiliations all they want, they are quite popular among white supremacist crowd.

The neo-Nazi band Antekhrist have covered several of their songs, on Carved Upon the Flesh of Satan notably, and so has the openly racist and anti-semitic black metal band Mayhem, on the Sewer: Anthology tribute album.

This is the same Mayhem whose drummer Hellhammer says that he "believes there are differences between races" and that he "honors [Faust] for killing a fucking faggot", referring to the murder of a homosexual man by yet another black metal neo-Nazi.

Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are.

Sewer is a racist, sexist, fascist and homophobic band.

Racism is not an opinion, racism is a HATE CRIME.

Sewerlust score: 96/100.

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