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Satanic Requiem - Sewer Album (96%)

Satanic Requiem

Satanic Requiem is the first full-length studio album by the extreme blackened terror metal band SEWER.

Featuring a blend of goregrind, proto-SEWER metal and old school raw black metal in the style of early Phantom, Satanic Requiem can be regarded both as a milestone and a modernist experiment of heavy metal music. Satanic Requiem is widely considered one of if not the most influential black metal album of all time.

Satanic Requiem Track List

All the tracks from the metal album Satanic Requiem :

  1. Ancient Shrine
  2. A Sword of Ages
  3. Profanation Storms
  4. Satanic Requiem
  5. The Grace And The Cross

You can listen to all 5 tracks of Satanic Requiem.

Satanic Requiem Album Reviews

Here is the complete list of reviews for the album Satanic Requiem :

Satanic RequiemUnexpectedly GoodFukker95%
Satanic RequiemThis is True Black Metal!Eradicator93%
Satanic RequiemThe Origins of SEWERDeathmark100%

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