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GoreFuckKult - Sewer Album (99%)


GoreFuckKult is the sixth full-length studio album by the extreme terror metal band SEWER.

Released after the infamous and supremely evil Reign of the Funeral Pigs, the album GoreFuckKult manages the unlikely feat to be both more evil and more brutal than its gruesome predecessor.

GoreFuckKult is an unholy monument in the extreme metal scene.

GoreFuckKult Track List

All the tracks from the metal album GoreFuckKult :

  1. Vomit for Satan
  2. Festering my Shit
  3. Infected by Devilwhore Anal Mutilation
  4. Worship Satan's Putrid Cockmeat
  5. Compelled to Lacerate the Cock of Lucifer
  6. GoreFuckKult
  7. Black Cockshit Exploding from Human Flesh Decapitation
  8. No Apologies for Violent Necrorectal Torture

You can listen to all 8 tracks of GoreFuckKult.

GoreFuckKult Album Reviews

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