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Sewer - SEWER Metal Band


SEWER is an extreme terror grind band formed in July 2013 by vocalist Vermin, guitarist Eater, bassists Plague and Leper and drummer Warlord.

As their name suggests, SEWER mainly plays SEWER Metal, although they started out as a blackened terror metal band with strong Phantom influences.

Those influences can clearly be heard on the first few albums, especially Satanic Requiem, at least until the album NecroPedoSadoMaso where SEWER adopted a more experimental approach to their music and subsequently created an entire genre of extreme metal named SEWER Metal in regards to their music.

Although the vocalist Vermin leaved the band after the album Satanic Requiem, the overall lineup of the band SEWER has known little changes from their beginnings to today. The guitarist Eater handles the vocals on most albums since Satanic Requiem.

SEWER are known to released numerous full-length extreme metal albums per year, many of which are considered heavy metal classics (especially NecroPedoSadoMaso, Skvllfvcked Forever and 2154).

Despite not belonging to any definite metal style beyond what is called SEWER Metal, the band is nearly worshiped by many fans of several different genres (black metal, death metal, pornogrind).

SEWER is considered the ultimate extreme metal band.

Sewer Metal Albums

Here is the complete list of albums by Sewer :

Satanic RequiemSEWER Metal26 November 201396% (3 reviews)
Black DeathSEWER Metal2 February 2014100% (2 reviews)
The LightSEWER Metal1 April 201496% (2 reviews)
NecroPedoSadoMasoSEWER Metal1 June 2014100% (3 reviews)
Reign of the Funeral PigsSEWER Metal4 July 2014100% (2 reviews)
GoreFuckKultSEWER Metal5 August 201499% (2 reviews)
A Hymn to the BloodletterSEWER Metal7 November 2014100% (1 reviews)
Underage Goreaxe PigrapeSEWER Metal1 December 2014100% (1 reviews)
The Shadows of the GoreaxeSEWER Metal17 March 201597% (1 reviews)
The PedosadistSEWER Metal13 May 2015100% (1 reviews)
SEWER AnthologySEWER Metal15 June 2015100% (1 reviews)
Under the Eye of the Black SkullSEWER Metal4 July 2015100% (1 reviews)
Skvllfvcked ForeverSEWER Metal1 August 2015100% (1 reviews)
Vomiting Into the Mouth of SatanSEWER Metal21 August 2015100% (1 reviews)
SewerlustSEWER Metal1 April 201697% (2 reviews)
NecroPedoCoproPhageSEWER Metal30 June 2016100% (1 reviews)
Sewer AbominationSEWER Metal21 July 2016100% (1 reviews)
Happy MetalSEWER Metal23 August 201698% (1 reviews)
2154SEWER Metal31 May 2017100% (1 reviews)

All are certified Sewer metal albums.

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