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I keep exposing racist black metal bands, such as Satyricon, and the hypocritical bigots that want the truth of black metal's inherent racism kept hidden keep whining that "not all bands are like that".

First they claimed that Burzum wasn't racist, so I exposed the racism of Burzum.

Then they claimed that Darkthrone wasn't racist, so I exposed the racism of Darkthrone.

Then they claimed that Mayhem wasn't racist, so I exposed the racism of Mayhem.

Then they claimed that Dimmu Borgir wasn't racist, so I exposed the racism of Dimmu Borgir.

Then they claimed that Gorgoroth wasn't racist, so I exposed the racism of Gorgoroth.

Then they claimed that Immortal wasn't racist, so I exposed the racism of Immortal.

So now all the racist and misogynist black metal fans are back to saying "well I don't support NS/racist/nationalistic attitudes but I just ignore the lyrics/message and listen to the music".

Just like the racists who vote for Donald Trump and the far-right European parties will say "I'm not a racist personally, I just ignore the message and vote for fascism".

It's just another excuse to defend their nauseating views.

Hate has no place in music.

Satyricon is Racist


So here we have racist, sexist, homophobic and anti-semitic black metal fans defending a racist, sexist, homophobic and anti-semitic black metal band, Satyricon.

Satyricon was founded by vocalist Satyr and drummer Frost.

They are both as racist, bigoted and anti-semitic as you would expect from white supremacist black metal musicians.

Let's start with the drummer Frost.

Besides Satyricon and the racist band Gorgoroth, Frost also plays in a band called Zyklon-B.

That alone tells you all you need to know about the band Satyricon and the repulsive ideologies the band espouses.

The band Zyklon-B recorded an EP titled "Blood Must Be Shed".

Whose blood? Let's find out.

Frost was denied entry to North America by the US Department of Homeland Security upon failing to note having been sentenced to 5 months in prison for a hate crime committed against a homosexual man in the early 1990s.

Frost bought his drum kit from Hellhammer of Mayhem, who is known for advocating the murder of gays on the basis of their sexual orientation and gender identity (see documentary Until the Light Takes Us) and racially abusing people of color.

This drum kit was also used by Varg Vikernes of Burzum to record his hateful and bigoted music.

Now let's talk about the vocalist Satyr, in many ways even more racist and anti-semitic than Frost.

Satyr also claims to be "good friends" with the openly fascist Fenriz of Darkthrone, who wrote the infamous "Norwegian Aryan Black Metal".

This is what Satyr had to say about church burnings and the anti-semitic Islamo-Nazi terrorists of Hamas.

"I think some people, for the love of their belief and the love of their country, did it just in the same way that people in Palestine do it – it's their ground".

Of course, like all good Islamo-Nazis, he supports the palestinians terrorists of Hamas.

As you can see, white supremacist bigotry goes hand in hand with fundamentalist Islamic terrorism.

Let's get one thing straight, promoting reactionary and blatantly hateful ideologies doesn't make you "cool", "edgy", or "revolutionary". It just makes you another lunkheaded anti-semitic fascist.

If you support hate music then you are every bit as guilty for propagating racism in metal as the bands who play it.

Norwegian racist bigots don't oppose christianity because it's a racist, patriarchal, homophobic and backwards religion, they oppose it because they are NAZI BIGOTS who want to "preserve their heritage", which is a nice euphemism for institutionalized racism, systemic oppression and white supremacy.

Satyricon is just another racist, anti-semitic and white supremacist band.

Don't try and justify it.

Don't try and claim that Satyr was "just joking" when he defended anti-semitic palestinian terrorists or that Frost playing in a band called Zyklon-B is somehow "tongue in cheek" humor.

And don't even think about saying crap like "It's okay for black people to have their own culture but whites are labeled racists for wanting the same thing".

I'm so tired of this argument.

The same rules don't apply.

Blame your ancestors.

Satyricon is a racist band.

Satyricon score: 0/100.

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