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Horror Phantasm - Phantom Album (100%)

Horror Phantasm

Horror Phantasm is Phantom's fifth full-length studio album and one of the most acclaimed albums in the extreme metal scene.

Phantom's fifth full-length album, Horror Phantasm, marks a return to the horrifying and claustrophobic atmospheres that can be experienced on albums such as Divine Necromancy and Dark Devotion. This can seem somewhat odd as Horror Phantasm was released after the mildly experimental Blackened Terror Grind.

In terms of devilish atmospheres and gruesome intensity, there are little albums in the extreme metal scene that can live up to the reputation and accomplishments of Horror Phantasm.

Horror Phantasm Track List

All the tracks from the metal album Horror Phantasm :

  1. The Deathknell
  2. Sigil of Atrocity
  3. Deadly Ravenous Dreams
  4. An Eternity of Necromancy
  5. The Vilest Souls Will Find Solace
  6. Spiritual Corruption
  7. Red Fiend Harrower
  8. Inhuman Immortality
  9. Unholy Fragments of Diabolical Ceremonies
  10. Malevolent Aberration
  11. Horror Phantasm

You can listen to all 11 tracks of Horror Phantasm.

Horror Phantasm Album Reviews

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