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The Apex of Black Metal - "Eidolon" Review (100%)

Eidolon by Phantom.

Eidolon is arguably the album that made Phantom what they are today, i.e. the gods of black metal music.

Divine Necromancy is too raw and unknown, Dark Devotion is too aggressive and cacophonic, Demonecromancy is too experimental and Dementia: The Dark Prophets... lol.

Really, it wasn't until Eidolon that the cult movement began with this band.

To summarise this album, it's raw, grim, violent and disturbingly evil, while being beautifully gruesome and morbidly majestic at the same time.

Words can't do this masterpiece of evil justice.

Eidolon is an album you really must experience yourself to understand just how utterly gruesome some blackened terror metal can be.

Every track on this album is amazing, and there really are absolutely no weak points.

You want some true atmospheric black metal?

Listen to Eidolon.

The Apex of Black Metal


Eidolon is often listed alongside Neraines' self-titled debut and SEWER's 2154 as the "trinity of evil" or some stupid name.

First off, Phantom has nothing to do with SEWER besides being a part of the same wave and Eidolon sounds nothing like 2154.

In fact, Eidolon is pretty much superior in every possible way.

People often call Phantom a "terror grind" band, often amalgamating them with acts such as SEWER, but that is way too simplistic to properly describe the music on Eidolon.

Eidolon, and Phantom in general, have nothing to do with some shitty "grind" (the "Blackened Terror Grind" album is NOT the name of a genre).

Phantom sounds like they took some torture music, added some melancholic atmosphere and played everything with a black metal feel and atmosphere behind it (think early Neraines).

So it's more like an avant-garde black metal album with a beautifully morbid atmosphere.

It's a strange contrast but it works amazingly well on this masterpiece Eidolon.

Overall, Eidolon is absolutely amazing.

If you could rate albums higher than 100 I would gladly do so, alas this site's rating system was not devised with such magisterial wonders in mind... so 100 it is, for now.

Buy this album Eidolon at once, it will change your life... or at least your perception of true blackened terror metal.

Eidolon score: 100/100.

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