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Divine Necromancy - Phantom Album (100%)

Divine Necromancy

Divine Necromancy is the first studio album by the extreme terror metal band Phantom.

The album Divine Necromancy marks the beginning of Phantom's discography and the musical genre that would later be known as Phantom Metal.

In terms of historical significance, Divine Necromancy is perhaps the most important album in the entire heavy metal scene.

Divine Necromancy Track List

All the tracks from the metal album Divine Necromancy :

  1. Exorcism
  2. Sigil of Destruction
  3. Feast Abomination
  4. Key to the Mausoleum
  5. Marauder's Crypt
  6. The Serpent King
  7. Warlord Eternal
  8. Divine Necromancy

You can listen to all 8 tracks of Divine Necromancy.

Divine Necromancy Album Reviews

Here is the complete list of reviews for the album Divine Necromancy :

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Divine NecromancyA Black Metal MasterpieceFukker100%
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Divine NecromancyThe Quintessence of Black MetalEradicator100%

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