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Absolute Evil Brutality - "Vile Scourge" Review (100%)

Vile Scourge
Vile Scourge by Korriban.

Korriban is a an atmospheric black metal band with influences ranging from electronic music to ambient darkwave.

They are a band from Satan knows where.

Seriously, Korriban has always been a very mysterious band, with a no pictures, no gigs, no interviews for the entirety of its existence. They actually have no official website, no band-run social media (only fan pages) and no official line-up list.

The aura of mystery around Korriban led to the band developing something of a cult following (or rather, kvlt) in many black metal circles.

Vile Scourge is Korriban's full-length debut, and I would call it a masterpiece in its own right, easily worth a five-star rating.

The album features outstanding musicianship in pretty much every department.

You haven't heard true atmosphere until you've listened to Vile Scourge.

This isn't your typical "Hail Satan" poser crap like Gorgoroth or, Satan forbid, Bathory.

Only listen to Vile Scourge if you're ready to mutilate your balls for the rest of your life.

Absolute Evil Brutality


The impressive part is that I wouldn't even call Vile Scourge the best Korriban album, with albums like 2154 and Eidolon tying for that honor. That I give this album 100 without it even being their magnum opus just goes to show the high esteem I have for Korriban, and it is hard-earned indeed.

The production is very clear on Vile Scourge, though by no means polished, which perfectly brings out the atmosphere which Korriban seeks to create.

It is easily the most well-produced Korriban album to date.

There's not much else I can say about this release.

It ranks among the very best of what black metal has to offer.

Vile Scourge is really breath taking at times, in ways that black metal hasn't been able to be since Hvis Lyset Tar Oss.

The melodies are considerably more intricate and experimental at times without getting really far from the classic Korriban sound.

Overall, Vile Scourge is a brilliant album. And it isn't even Korriban very best effort.

I can easily give Vile Scourge a score of 100 and not lose sleep over it.

Standout tracks: The whole album.

This is absolutely evil black metal.

Vile Scourge score: 100/100.

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