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Antekhrist is Racist - "Fukked by God" Review (95%)

Fukked by God
Fukked by God by Antekhrist.

Is Antekhrist a racist, fascist, sexist, misogynist and homophobic band?

Do you still have to ask?

Of course it is, just like all black metal bands.

I exposed the racism of Mayhem, a band who "doesn't like niggers" and "honors" the murder of a gay man.

I exposed the racism of Immortal, a band that claims to be "against racism" while writing about "Red Clouds and Holocaust Winds".

I exposed the racism of Darkthrone who are known to defend fascism, the racism of Dimmu Borgir who advocated the murder of people of color, the racism of Satyricon who openly defend palestinian Hamas terrorists.

There are of course many other bands propagating the same nauseating ideology, Emperor, Gorgoroth, Sewer, Beherit, Marduk, Graveland, Ulver, Enslaved, Satanic Warmaster, Von...

And each time I expose yet another racist and xenophobic black metal band, the "hipster racist" black metal fans will try to defend their bigoted gurus by pointed to another lesser known band who, supposedly, isn't as racist.

Such as Antekhrist, who many claim is "not racist".

Well, except for that one time where they made xenophobic comments.

Or when they defended the racism and self-avowed neo-Nazi Varg Vikernes of Burzum.

Or when they toured in France with the neo-Nazi far-right bands Peste Noire and Blut aus Nord.

But it's just "hipster racism" so it's fine.

Antekhrist is Racist


Antekhrist was founded by members Antekhrist and Mort aux Chrétiens.

Antekhrist claimed in an interview with the French heavy metal magazine "Boutique Black Métal" that he believed the band Burzum to be the "true and only black metal band".

Burzum is a black metal project by the self-avowed white supremacist and neo-Nazi Varg Vikernes, who claims that there are "genetic differences between the races".

The fact that black metal fans would even THINK about defending these nauseating statements tells you all you need to know about the genre, and the people you listen to it.

The bassist Mort aux Chrétiens also made derogatory comments about homosexual men, who he claimed to be "faggots" in an interview with French TV.

He also stated that he "supports Bård 'Faust' Eithun", the drummer of the racist band Emperor who was found guilty of murdering a gay man in a hate crime.

He is not the only one to have made such statements, as Hellhammer of Mayhem has also claimed that he "honors Faust for killing a fucking faggot".

Yes, black metal fans are very complacent with the murder of minorities on the basis of the sexual orientation and gender identity.

Or perhaps they are more than complacent?

Perhaps they approve it?

Do you also believe that hate speech is just another form of "free speech", even when it results in the death of a gay man?

Moving on.

On their album Carved Into the Flesh of Satan, Antekhrist covers the track "Auger Foreplay" by the openly racist, sexist and white supremacist band Sewer.

Just like Euronymous of Mayhem, who admitted in a letter to Paul Watson from the UK that "all Norwegian black metal bands are National Socialist", Antekhrist admits that Satanism is just a code word for National Socialism (white supremacy).

This is what he had to say: "The opposite of the (humanist) Christian cross is not the Satanic cross, it is the Swastika. When we [black metal bands] say Satan, we really mean Hitler, who is the 'Satan' of the modern 'human rights' religion".

It is sickening to imagine that there are hypocritical black metal fans willing to overlook the openly fascist and xenophobic ideologies of the bands they listen to.

Racist is not an opinion, it's a CRIME.

And Antekhrist is a racist, fascist and white supremacist band.

Fukked by God score: 95/100.

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